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Annual Autumn Festival Sunday, October 10, 2010 11:00 a.m. Mass 12:00 p.m. Food service, Music, Dancing
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Leo Andres
Middle Group Director

Leo Andres has been an anchor in the local Croatian folklore community for nearly thirty years.

His interest in Croatian folklore began in his late teens. Late in his twenties, he danced with the renowned folklore ensemble Ivan Goran Kovacic in Zagreb Croatia.

He took the knowledge and experience gained there and shared it with fellow dance enthusiasts in the Bay Area. He was among the founders of the Matija Gubec Dance Ensemble.

Mr. Andres continued his dancing and teaching as director of the Knez Branimir folklore group, and has now directed his time towards Koraci for the past 10 years.

Igor Verkic
Big Group Director

Ela Batkovic
Junior Group Director



Iva Novak
Vocal Instructor

The singing you hear has been the result of the patient work of Iva Novak, our vocal instructor.

A native of Zagreb, Croatia, Ms. Novak studied classical music and singing.

She is currently an instructor for the Montessori school. Among the songs she teaches our children are those that she learned in her youth.

Zeljko Jergan

Koraci proudly performs several choreographies designed by internationally recognized choreographer and folklore expert Zeljko Jergan.

Dance companies from Croatia to North America to as far away as Japan seek out his expertise, and with good reason. Since moving to the U.S. in 1986, he has created over 300 original choreographies for 60 amateur and professional ensembles throughout the world.

For twelve years he was a leading performer with the Croatian National Folklore ensemble LADO.

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